Use us for a Film Location 




Summer 2022 is upon us and film production in Los Angeles couldn't get hotter. Our warehouses function as film production stages, well suited for film shoots, music videos, photo shoots, dance videos or interviews. There is ample room to build sets, bring in props, or alter the spaces to fit your needs. All areas are sound and light isolated. Clients range from small indie or student shoots to larger studio productions.  

Call us at (213) 925-8562 or to book a space or schedule a walkthrough 🎥

The Spaces

Lobby/Gallery Entrance at 205 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Our Lobby to the Gallery is a great place to greet visitors/attendants
The spacious Gallery also has a Mezzanine, making for the perfect VIP section
The hallway from our Gallery leads to the Mezzamine as well as the rest of our facilities to the right
Welcome to our Mezzanine
Our Annex has a stainless steel countertop perfect for food preparation
The Annex is shockingly spacious and has more than enough charm for your event or film shoot
The Annex features facades from the original building construction
Warehouse as seen from the far east side
Our Green Room features plush couches and a vanity
Our Alley is perfect for loading and unloading
Take in the air in our beautiful Courtyard
The Courtyard is perfect for mixers or respite from an active performance/event

Film Shoots