Los Angeles Artisanal Coffee Roasters, Joules & Watts, Sets Up Shop at Sugar Bank

Updated: 4 days ago

Joules & Watts Coffee, founded by the seasoned roaster, Max Gualtieri in 2018, is the latest installment at Sugar Bank!

Before pivoting into coffee, Max, a graduate of CalArts with a degree in Jazz Guitar Performance, enjoyed a career as a musician in Los Angeles for a decade.

Developing a profound love for the art of coffee roasting, Max knew he had to commit to finding his unique expression for a memorable coffee experience.

Roasting thousands of pounds of coffee from countries worldwide, Max continually experimented and improved the development of each coffee and still does.

This dedication to success allowed Max to open a shop in Malibu, where crowds of locals, international travelers, and sandy beachgoers would stop in for a cup of their favorite roasts and espresso drinks.

Although in love with the Malibu location, now rebranded as Broad Street Coffee Co. (for which Joules & Watts still roasts coffee), Max seeks to expand his business in Los Angeles city proper ...

Coffee fanatics rave about the Single Origin coffees Joules & Watts Coffee offers.

From a Guatemalan offering sourced from 140-year-old coffee plants to the "Good Energy" blend composed for espresso, java-lovers relish the bold, invigorating flavors of Max's complex yet approachable roasts.

Never bitter, always focused on natural sweetness and perfected every time.

When you come to Sugar Bank, Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 1 PM, grab a cup of Joe from either Max Gualtieri or Timmy Milner, songwriter and longtime friend of Joules & Watts Coffee.

As Sugar Bank expands its Art Gallery, enjoy tunes from @PhoebeBridgers, and #TownesVanZandt played over a sound system ☕

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