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STRANGE MOON II: Four Premieres for harp, viola, cello, flute, voice

Last Sunday, May 29th, 2022, Strange Interlude (LA) and Kin of the Moon (Seattle) presented a concert of four World Premieres for harp, viola, cello, flute, and voice.

"STRANGE MOON is a joyful convergence between Los Angeles-based Strange Interlude and Seattle-based Kin of the Moon."

The quintet was Lily Press (harp), Simon Linn-Gerstein (cello), Heather Bentley (viola), Kaley Lane Eaton (voice), and Leanna Keith (flute).

Massachusetts composer John Howell Morrison ("Groundhog Night") experimented with real-time information crowdsourcing to morph an approximately thirty-second passage of music. Audience members were invited to share their feedback via a Google Form to "co-compose" the piece ...

Washington composer Kaley Lane Eaton ("comedy of air") told the story of a bear, in song, who was euthanized for mauling a human and the conflicting profundity of dying in one's favorite place in the world (video excerpt below) ...

Leanna Keith premiered Land of Plenty, a breezy, sometimes dissonant pastoral accompanied by poetry from Jenne Hsein Patrick.

Strange Interlude (Lily Press and Simon Linn-Gerstein) performed Minnesota composer Jessi Harvey's Lemur Meets Panda, a playful back-and-forth evocative of a lemur and a panda meeting and becoming pen pals ...

For more new, experimental music, find yourself on Tuesdays at Monk Space in collaboration with Brightwork newmusic as they host For LA: a celebration of resiliency.

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